Sunday, May 20, 2012

Alice in Wonderland

(Five Alices!)

Well, the Alice in Wonderland play that I was in charge of is finally over.  I was so busy during the production of the play, that I didn't have time to stop and take any pictures.  But, thankfully, a student's mom, who also happens to be a great photographer, gave me access to her photos. (Thanks, Mary Wortz!)  She came during our final dress rehearsal, so there might be a few scruffy edges, unfinished hairstyles, and missing shoes here and there...but you get the idea.  I was director of costumes and set.  My co-director, Susanna, a Junior in high school, was the 'over-all' director.  In other words, she was in charge of blocking, voice projection, movement, etc.  She was amazing, and I still can't believe she's as young as she is.  She's an extremely talented actress, and is incredibly good with the kids.  They loved her. I certainly couldn't have done it without her.

Keep in mind, when looking at the pictures, and watching the video, that these kids are between the ages of 9-12.  Only a handful of them have had any kind of acting classes before joining Theater Club.  Most of them were complete newbies to the world of theater.  I'm very proud of them...they all did a wonderful job!

You can see the entire album HERE.

You can also watch a video production of the play by clicking on the link below (when prompted, click open.)  Video shot by Jordan West.

P.s. - Please do not copy any of these pictures or the video.  They are not mine...and I don't have permission to give you that option.  Thanks!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Sun King

Wow...100 followers!  I know that's not a lot in the blog-o-sphere, but to me, it's incredible.  What can I say, guys...I am humbled.  I honestly don't know what you see in me (this blog), but I'm certainly glad you are here.  Thank you for following Jane and me.


Jane and I went to a Humane Society Adoption Fair today, at our local Pet Smart store. We have wanted a second cat for quite a while now. Carson would like a dog, but I'm not ready for that commitment yet.  So, today, our little family grew by one.  I want to introduce you to Louis (pronounced the French way, Lou-ie).  Jane named him that almost immediately after she set eyes on him.  She said "he's Louis, the lucky cat."  I thought it was appropriate, with his golden fur, he certainly could be "the sun king."

 Though he's trying to convince you otherwise in this picture, with his puffed out lion mane, and Sphinx-like stance, he's really a big softy.  He's very affectionate, a little bit playful, and quiet.  His previous owner did a terrible job of taking care of him.  His fur is matted in places.  We have been combing at it all day, and even though it's looking better, we will be at this task for awhile.  He gobbles down his food and water like he is afraid he won't see it again.  But, I'm sure after some love, care, and attention, he will clean up nicely.

He did his best to convince us that he was confident and a really tough guy.

But it wasn't long before exhaustion set it, and he lay down his heavy, proud head.

He fought it hard, but eventually sleep won out.

I'm glad he feels comfortable enough to sleep here.  Welcome home, Louis.