Friday, November 21, 2014

It's Official....

...yes, it's happening.  I am participating in the Vernet's 1814 Merveilleuses and Incroyables project!  I am over-the-moon thrilled to have been invited to be a part of this group...humble, and feeling a bit unworthy...but uber-excited none-the-less!  2015 is going to be a wacky costuming year.  Best of luck figuring out which outfit I will be creating!  Although posts on construction and research will be regular throughout the following year, the final outcome won't be published until December of 2015.  PLEASE share in this journey with me by following along not only here but on the group's Facebook Page.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

More Embroidery: 1730's style

I've been keeping my hands busy with crewelwork embroidery for the past two months, and here are the results... early American seat cushion design from the 1730's...only I made this one into a pillow.  

I got the pattern from Alicia Paulson's book "Embroidery Companion."  I'm loving this many wonderful things to decorate!  I'm sure you will be seeing more.  Embroidery is a fantastic way to pass the time during the long, cold, winter nights.  Sign on to Netflix, start a long series, and away the needle and thread go.

Also, for fun (and because I live in a chilly Victorian beast of a house) I embroidered some hot-water bottle also from Paulson's book.  Snowflakes and fur trees...mmmm...cozy.

Two of our three furry butts approve.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

18th Century: Caraco Jacket (No more Mrs. Claus)

A few months ago I made an 18th century Caraco Jacket, but it turned out looking more like something Mrs. Claus would wear than something I would wear.  Remember this?

 Well, it took some time before I found the courage to redo it, but I finally got around to it knowing that I needed something to wear to the 18th century market fair at Locust Grove.  I stripped off all of the white trim and completely redid the green trim on the sleeves. 

Here are some pictures of me at the was a gorgeous Autumn day.  Other than needing a few extra pins in the front to keep it from wrinkling, and possibly a larger bum roll, I think it turned out rather well. 
Thank you, Laura for being my paparazzi!